Custom Portraits

Order a custom drawing of your animals that will be cherished for years to come

I can work from photos of your animals, to create beautiful unique artworks. Single or multiple subjects available, with the possibility to include people if the reference photo is clear enough. Reference photos should be clear and well lit, from a good angle with no distortion, for the best results. If you are not sure send some to me and I can tell you if they will be suitable. I am also available to do a photoshoot for $50 and get the perfect photo if you are local. I can put together animals from different photos into the one image, as long as the angles and lighting are the same. I can also add nametags or text if wanted. Email me to discuss your perfect portrait, and together we can make that happen. Drawings come with a plain or blurred background, which I prefer as it keeps the focus on the subject. If you would like a background I can add this in for extra cost. I can also do custom sizes. The larger the size the easier it is for me to get detail in. Most of my example images are A3. 

I can post Australia-wide and overseas. Artworks come unframed, as this makes them much easier to post and allows you to choose a frame that suits your house and your budget. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your artwork to be completed.

My price list is below. Please note this is a rough guide, as the final cost depends on how many subjects you would like, backgrounds, and amount of extra work if the reference photo is more difficult to draw detail from or multiple photos. Email me what you would like to receive a specific quote. 

Its a 50% deposit to start, the rest once you're happy with the final result. Payment plans accepted.

Past Commissions

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